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Patient Engagement & Support

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Virtual Patient Support

CPCG offers On-Screen Customer Service Representatives (OCSR) at your location to enhance the patient experience and seamlessly coordinate patient flow and information across your enterprise.

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Patient Intake Manaement

A robust intake management system streamlines order processing, drastically reduces manual tasks, and virtually eliminates errors. This efficiency ensures seamless workflow throughout your organization.

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Patient Outreach

The CPCG team of skilled Patient Care Advocates leverages streamlined processes, robust resources, and advanced digital tools to enhance and transform the patient engagement experience effectively.

Virtual Services

Virtual Services


How Does it Work?

-CPCG provides ready to ship kiosks including everything your site needs to establish a connection with our team of OCSRs

-Patients will be greeted in the appropriate language when they enter your location and the OCSR will quickly process prescriptions and answer patient questions



-Services offered in English + Spanish

-OCSR's are highly trained and experienced with patient management

-Significant backend resources to support your business

-Scalable. Additional OCSR's can be made available at the touch of button as patient volume increases


Services Delivered

-Insurance & prescription verification

-Claim processing

-Data entry


-Inbound Calls 

-Document management



Key Benefits

-Exceptional value​

-The OCSR's accelerates the queue in by swiftly taking orders, directing them for backend processing, and promptly assisting the next patient

-The CPCG team supports business continuity by adopting your procedures into our operating mechanisms

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Inbound & Outbound Calling

Better manage high patient volume and deliver superior care

     ~5 minutes

average handling time

     <30 seconds

average patient wait time

answered calls ratio


Services Offered

-Item availability

-Pricing inquiries

-Prescriber questions

-Order status 

-Service support

-Product questions

-Email and chat support

-Customizable dashboards

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CPCG leverages the analytical power of Microsoft

Power BI to monitor, track, and enhance the performance of the inbound and outbound calling function at your business

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Patient Intake Management

Efficient Intake Management as Your Competitive Advantage


orders processed daily by a

CPCG representative 

Services Offered

-Software Systems:


     DME Works

     eClinical Works


-Prior authorization

-Item confirmation

-Eligibility verification

-Insurance coverage

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CPCG leverages the analytical power of Microsoft Power BI to monitor, track, and enhance the performance of your patient intake process

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