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Operational Optimization

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Billing & Claims Management

Leveraging extensive healthcare expertise, our CPCG team streamlines documentation for accurate and swift billing, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced profitability for your business.


Credentialing & Compliance

The CCPG team maintains current licenses and certifications, ensuring adherence to the latest healthcare regulations, and safeguarding patient safety and care quality. 

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Process Management

The CPCG team enhances the operational efficiency by streamlining the entire process from prescription to fulfillment. 

Billing & Claims Management

Billing & Clams

The CPCG team aligns effortlessly with your team and software ecosystem, expertly handling every aspect of billing and claims - from pre-authorization to ongoing care. 

orders are processed by a CPCG representative/month



of faxes/documents are processed within 2 hours or receipt


document processing accuracy

Services Offered

-Insurance billing


-Denials management


-Cash posting

-Customizable dashboards

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CPCG leverages the analytical power of Microsoft Power BI to monitor, track, and enhance the financial performance of your business


Regulatory Compliance

CPCG stands at the forefront of offering specialized compliance services tailored to the unique needs of the health care industry. Our team of experts provides comprehensive solutions that ensure adherence to the stringent and ever-evolving regulatory standards. 


How Does it Work?

CPCG offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for regulatory and compliance management. Our approach utilizes a range of thorough tools, structured within an easy-to-follow, milestone-oriented roadmap



-Focused Compliance Management Representatives (CMR)  

-CMR’s are trained to mesh the accrediting body’s requirements into your existing policies and procedures 

-Advisory committee support provides suggested policy and procedures revisions to achieve compliance

-Scalable to manage umbrella locations with consistency and uniformity  


Services Delivered

-New accreditation management 

-Renewal accreditation preparation

-Facility License pursual &  maintenance 

-Personnel licensure & compliance management 

-Performance Improvement management 


Key Benefits

  1. Exceptional Value

  2. Achieve new accreditations

  3. Reduced compliance pitfall risk 

  4. Relieve the burden of daily follow-up for continued compliance! 

  5. Minimize tedious paperwork 

Driving Operational Effectiveness 

Process Management

CPCG excels in boosting operational effectiveness for healthcare organizations. We provide tailored solutions that streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Our expertise ensures improved patient services and reduced costs, empowering healthcare providers to thrive in a dynamic landscape.

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Order Process Management

By overseeing the entire patient journey from prescription to fulfillment, your organization can enhance performance and service quality.

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Delivery Optimization

The CPCG team ensures swift and reliable medical equipment delivery, optimizing logistics to reduce transit times, enhance delivery accuracy, and lower shipping costs.

Inventory Optimization.png

Inventory Optimization

The CPCG team ensures essential medical items are readily available for patient care, reducing the costs and waste associated with overstocking. 


pre-dispensing verification


orders effectively tracked by CPCG 


average reduction in carrying costs


successful physician outreach



delivery activities actively measured


forecasting accuracy

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