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Revenue Acceleration.jpg

Revenue Acceleration

Empowering Growth Through Data: Our CPCG team harnesses custom-built, advanced analytics tools and state-of-the-art methodologies to propel your business forward. Expect bespoke reports and programs from CPCG that deliver clear, actionable insights for robust revenue acceleration.


Business Sustainability

Delays in prescription renewals affect patient care and your revenue. At CPCG, we promptly analyze prescriptions nearing expiration to ensure timely care and sustained business cash flow. 

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New Revenue Opportunities 

CPCG, we believe in optimizing patient care through targeted, supplemental solutions. Our True Upcare (TUC) program is designed to work collaboratively with DME patients and their healthcare teams. By carefully analyzing each patient's therapy and current equipment use, TUC identifies and integrates additional products that can significantly improve their treatment regimen. 

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Maximize Profitability

Immediate access to information is vital for your sales teams to boost patient services, ensure compliance, and grow revenue. With Maximum Gross Potential, the CPCG team ensures your teams are primed with both current and future upselling opportunities.

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